Will D-Link work with Linksys components?

Answer Yes, the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) has instituted standards that require most wireless networking items to be made to work well together, no matter the brand. These it... Read More »

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Is D-link compatible with Linksys?

D-link is compatible with Linksys. You can use any brand of network adapter with any other brand of wireless router. However, using the same manufacturer for both the network adapter and wireless... Read More »

My Linksys Wireless-B Media Link WEP Won't Connect?

Installing wireless networking with WEP encryption is a fairly straightforward process, but occasionally something can go wrong. In that case, the best bet for fixing the problem is to physically r... Read More »

If I press REALLY, REALLY hard when I click a link, will the link work better?

Yep. And sometimes you have to roar at it - it works much better when I use sailor-type language.

Does a Linksys WRT 150 work with a Mac?

The Linksys WRT150 router does work with a Macintosh. Set up the router's SSID (network name) and wireless password via the router's web interface. Save the settings, then click on the Airport ic... Read More »