Does your top 10 movies ever change after the ending of another movie year?

Answer Not drastically. Maybe a little bit of re-ordering and maybe some in the later part of the top 10 may leave and some of the 11-15 movies may enter but it's usually consistent. A new movie would hav... Read More »

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Will there ever be another season of Doctor Who?

The Doctor Who Production Team are currently filming a new series of Doctor Who.

Will they do another Star Trek TNG movie?

That is unlikely. The actors' contracts with paramount pictures have all expired, so they won't be obligated to, and recently, there hasn't been any indication that they want to produce a new one.

Will there be another Dead Like Me movie?

Other than Dead Like Me: Life After Death (released in 2009), no.

Do you think they will make another Austin Powers Movie?

Apparently they are.…