Will Chlorine Hurt Septic Tanks?

Answer You cannot put chlorine products into a septic system. A septic tank, under normal conditions, has millions of bacteria eating away at the organic matter deposited into it. Chlorine bleach is a sub... Read More »

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Is Charmin bad for septic tanks?

On One Hand: Charmin Tests BiodegradabilityFor seventy years, Charmin has been testing the biodegradability of their toilet paper products in septic tanks. Charmin states directly in the FAQ on the... Read More »

Is dry yeast used in septic tanks?

Using a mixture of dry yeast, brown sugar and water as a substitute for commercial septic tank activators is recommended by many people, including Al Carrell, the Super Handyman. The yeast helps na... Read More »

How often should septic tanks be pumped?

On One Hand: Pump Every Few YearsTo keep a septic tank healthy, pump the tank every 3 to 5 years. This can help to eliminate unwanted chemicals that could change the bacterial makeup of the tank, t... Read More »

Hot Tubs & Septic Tanks?

Almost one-fourth of all American homes use septic systems. Many of these homes also have hot tubs. Knowing how a septic system works can help you deal with the huge amount of water that must be dr... Read More »