Will CPU's ever get as high as 5GHZ or 6 or 7 or more?

Answer Short answer: No.Long answer:The higher you clock a processor (the higher number of gigahertz) the more heat it will generate. There's no way around this, more power just makes more heat. In some e... Read More »

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Which of these two CPUs is better?

If price doesn't matter to you get the P4 670. Its got more memory on-die and its 600Mhz faster. Its also got Intel's newer Socket, the 775A. You'll be able to fit that CPU in the newer, better ... Read More »

What is the best out of these CPUs?

The best performing is the FX 8350, but you mention your on a budget, so go with the FX 6100 (6 core) because you dont really need an 8 core CPU for gaming (8350). I have built many gaming rigs wit... Read More »

How to Use the 5Ghz Band on Your Router?

Since the proposal for Wireless-N technology was made in 2007, nearly every router manufacturer has begun making Wireless-N capable routers. Wireless-N dual-band technology improves upon the older ... Read More »

How to Tell If a Computer Can Use 5Ghz Band?

The 5GHz band service is utilized by wireless devices operating under the 802.11a standard. Knowing whether your computer is using the 5GHz band or a slower standard will help you to know whether y... Read More »