Will CPU's ever get as high as 5GHZ or 6 or 7 or more?

Answer Short answer: No.Long answer:The higher you clock a processor (the higher number of gigahertz) the more heat it will generate. There's no way around this, more power just makes more heat. In some e... Read More »

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Will mac ever be more popular then pc?

yes they are rapidly taking market share, they make up a bigger percentage in the PC market quarter after quarter. their prices have come down a lot and they are not even that much more expensive, ... Read More »

Will they ever make more Lilo and Stitch Movies or episodes?

Will the internet ever get too full to hold any more websites, or is there an infinate amount of space?

wow, this is a hard one to explain.first off, you've go the wrong perception of what the internet actually is.What the Internet Isn't:1. a space, such as a hard drive, where websites are stored2. o... Read More »

When if ever will the USA have high speed trains like Japan and Europe?

Well before Mr. Obama was elected to the Illinois State legistature, much less the Senate or Presidency... the US has been looking into High-Speed Rail systems. In fact the California High Speed R... Read More »