Will Bran Muffins Give Me Enough ....OOOmph To Pick Up Chicks?

Answer I don't know a girl that can resist a bran muffin! Give 'em a try I say, 'ol bloke!

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Will Bran Muffins replace Botox?

No,but they make for a cute little buttox replacement.

Will bran muffins remove wrinkles?

only as long as it is does not have raisins, they make more

Will Bran Muffins remove the oil stains in my driveway?

yup, they'll soak all that oil up. probably taste better too.

Will bran muffins help me get nicer skin?

maybe this will help:Skin is the largest organ in the body, and it serves as a protective barrier. Waterproof, bacteria-resistant and self-repairing, our skin protects our internal organs from UV r... Read More »