Will Borax Bring the PH Level Down in My Pool?

Answer Swimming pool owners love their pools for the fun they can bring. However, pool owners often find themselves confused about their pools' water chemistry. Swimming pools present a variety of issues ... Read More »

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How Much Borax to Put in a Pool?

Borax is a chemical substance used in a wide variety of household products as well as numerous home cleaning remedies. This compound is manufactured by combining boron and sodium elements. One of t... Read More »

Why does the spa water lower when the pool pump turns off and why does the spa water level go down while using the spa if the spa water is approximately 16 inches above pool water level?

Answer The check valve between the spa and the pool is defective.

Is Borax added to a swimming pool safe for people?

Borax is a safe alternative Borax is perfectly safe in swimming pools. We started using it in our inground pool two years ago and would not use anything else. Not only is it less expensive (a lot ... Read More »

Is Borax added to a vinyl-lined pool safe for people?

Answer Within reason, yes. According to Michael W. Smith II's BleachCalc program, you should add about 160 oz (weight) of dry borax for each 10,000 gallons. It supposedly helps against algae, alth... Read More »