Will Beats by Dr. Dre work with a Blackberry?

Answer Beats by Dr. Dre will work with a Blackberry an long as the Blackberry has a standard 3.5mm output jack.

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What Beats by Dr. Dre are compatible with Blackberry?

They are all compatible on most newer Blackberries, as long as the plug which plugs into the device is not too large. However they are not compatible on some models such as the Blackberry Bold. Yo... Read More »

Will a BlackBerry 8300 theme work on a BlackBerry 8130?

A BlackBerry 8300 theme will not work on a BlackBerry 8130. The BlackBerry 8130, also known as the Pearl, has a significantly smaller screen size than the BlackBerry 8300, also known as the Curve.S... Read More »

Why do my Beats not work?

Because you bought fashion accessories instead of real audio equipment.

Do beats studio work only in the studio or can you use it on electronics like I have an iPad mini it work?

Studio is just the model. You can use them anywhere, and if fact probably do not want to show up in a real recording studio with them.