Will Bankruptcy Clear the Final Judgment?

Answer A "final judgment" is a written order signed by a judge at the end of a lawsuit. The final judgment makes a judicial determination of all issues in the lawsuit, which generally means the final judg... Read More »

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Will bankruptcy take away a credit card judgment?

According to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, individuals who file for bankruptcy (Chapter 7) receive a discharge for most of their debts. A credit card judgment is a legal action taken against a debtor-... Read More »

Bankruptcy Judgment Questions?

When someone does not pay a bill as promised, the creditor has the legal right to pursue a civil judgment against that person. If the consumer loses the lawsuit, a judgment is entered, which can le... Read More »

Can you put a civil judgment on a bankruptcy?

On One Hand: Most May Be IncludedMany civil judgments are dischargeable in a bankruptcy. They include debts related to delinquent medical and credit card bills and judgments levied due to breached ... Read More »

How to Declare Bankruptcy to Avoid Judgment?

A judgment can be a frightening prospect for any individual with old, unpaid debts. Through a lawsuit, a creditor can obtain a judgment against you and use it to collect the debt through a bank lev... Read More »