Will BBC make more Zen episodes?

Answer Qi is hosted by Stephen Fry.

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Why do Seasons 2 and 3 of Quantum Leap on DVD sometimes have episodes end with Sam leaping into people he had already been in earlier episodes instead of who he becomes next time?

Probably because Universal was rushing through production to have it released and thought it would be cheaper to reuse scenes.

What happens after the last episode of haruhi suzumiya. I've seen all the episodes on the DVD but the ending doesn't solve any of the problems from the beginning of the show. are there more episodes?

a thunderbird came back from thousands of years ago from native American mythology.

Do they still make new episodes of CSI?

How to Make Cartoon Episodes?

Animation allows television producers greater creativity in the fiction portrayed in their shows. Cartoons can be put in any setting, they always look how they need to look, they always take direct... Read More »