Will At and t netbook work with Ubuntu with 3G services intact?

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Will the following hardware work out of the box with Ubuntu 10.04?

no, you have to manually download the drivers from the main website (not the ubuntu site)

Will a Netgear USB wireless adaptor work with Ubuntu?

The Netgear wireless adapter is supported by the Ubuntu operating system, but you will have to install drivers for it before it will work. The Ubuntu online community features detailed tutorials an... Read More »

Will my wireless pre-N laptop card work with Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is becoming a recognized, major operating system that automatically recognizes many wireless devices. Check the manufacturer's website for Ubuntu specific drivers and instructions. Otherwise... Read More »

Does mobile Internet work with an Acer netbook?

One example of an Acer netbook that works with mobile Internet is the Acer Aspire One, which Amazon calls a mobile broadband netbook. You can buy it at a heavy discount if you include a two-year AT... Read More »