Will At and t netbook work with Ubuntu with 3G services intact?

Answer Yes, there is a cell phone company called Softbank, I own a Softbank 822P and Softbank has IPhones!!!!

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How do I uninstall Windows XP from my netbook and install Ubuntu clean (from an SD card)?

You don't need to uninstall Windows.  Just boot up the computer to your Ubuntu boot media, choose to install it (or run the live version and click on the install link there -- my personal preferen... Read More »

Will Skype Work On a Netbook?

Skype works on a netbook that runs a compatible platform, e.g. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. The quality of enhanced features, such as video chat, depends on the technical specifications of your netboo... Read More »

Is this netbook any good for the kids to do homework on ect,its a Acer Aspire One A150-Ab Netbook?

Netbooks are limited and there is no expansion plans for them.If you can get a notebook for the same kind of £, i'd rather go for that.Laptop specifications change often so it is good to get non-v... Read More »

Does mobile Internet work with an Acer netbook?

One example of an Acer netbook that works with mobile Internet is the Acer Aspire One, which Amazon calls a mobile broadband netbook. You can buy it at a heavy discount if you include a two-year AT... Read More »