Will Apple make an iPod touch with more than 16GB?

Answer Yes, Apple will. Apple is very secret about their merchandise, but the Touch information about it has leaked.

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Does apple make a 16gb 4th generation ipod touch?

Ipod nano 16gb 6th gen, ipod touch 8gb 4th gen or blackberry curve 9360?

Get an iPod Nano if you listen to music a lot and watch videos and don't care about the games. It's good for music only fans, get the iPod Touch if you like to listen to songs, videos and like to p... Read More »

How to make an app on for apple iPod touch.?

You will need to be pretty good on computers and game creation software. It is normally professionals that pay a lot of money for their software and program's that make apps. Normal people can't.

Should I get the 8GB or 16GB iPod Touch?

it depands on what your going to put on it, if your going to put alot of games, app.s, and songs, get the 16gb. but if your only using it for songs and music videos, get the 8gb