Will Ammonia Harm Rose Bushes?

Answer Ammonia is a household cleaner that may seem harmful to delicate flowers like roses because it is viewed as a harsh chemical. However, many organic insect control sprays for roses and other flowers... Read More »

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How do I cut rose bushes?

Best TimePrune your rosebush late winter or early spring for the best results. When you are pruning a rosebush, the goal is to rejuvenate the growth for the upcoming season. Start the process by ... Read More »

How do I care for rose bushes?

Watering and FertilizingSoak the soil beneath your rose bushes rather than spraying them from overhead to prevent damaging the flowers and spreading disease. Ensure that the roses get 1 inch of wat... Read More »

How do I replant rose bushes?

Prepare for the moveGather all of the tools necessary for the rose transplanting several days ahead of time, giving the rose bushes more water than usual to provide them with plenty of energy. Make... Read More »

How do i winterize rose bushes?

Pruning and WrappingTrim back the rose bush to 3 feet. Leave the three to five main branches of the rose bush. Clip away smaller limbs. Wrap the stems together with weatherproof twine. Make a slipk... Read More »