Will Alcohol and cigarettes ever become banned and illegal?

Answer Wouldn't surprise me at all if butts(cigs) are banned. People trying to tell yu all over the world when and where yu can smoke anymore. PLUS the price is outrageous and the tax imposed per pack is ... Read More »

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Why is marijuanan illegal if it kills less people than cigarettes and alcohol combined?

I agree. Marijuana is less harmful than cigarettes. If corporations could market and sell it legally, they would love it. If tobacco came on the market today as a new product it would be listed as ... Read More »

If it could be proven that cigarettes cause cancer, Would cigarettes be banned?

It has definately been proven that cigarettes cause cancer, lung disease, heart disease, mouth cancers gangrene and other nasties such as emphysema.I am a cynic though and I think that because the ... Read More »

Do you think cigarettes/smoking should be banned?

I sure as heck wish they would be Illegal - period!!!Name one good thing about them other than making some executives rich......You couldn't could you?And yet they cause untold suffering.And before... Read More »

Aussies, do you support people born 2000 or after being banned from cigarettes?

Dave, some would argue, that it is an invasion of freedoms and rights. What I say to those people, go to a major hospital, to the pathology department and see lungs been ravaged by cancer, and see ... Read More »