Will Aaron Kelly win American Idol?

Answer yes aaron will win American idol!! he is the best 16 year old singer anyone has ever herd!! well atleast i think so!! and anyone who doesnt there crazy!! I LOVE U AARON KELLY!!!

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Does aaron kelly from American idol have a boyfriend?

No because if anything he'd have a GIRLFRIEND. but he's single.

How tall is Aaron Kelly from American idol?

4 ft 11 Aaron Kelly looks about 5'4''-5'5'' =) he's adorable too!!! even if he is on the short side!!4'11?? nooo wayyy. i met him and im 5'1, he was sitting on a table and he was my height so he's... Read More »

Was Kelly Pikler on American Idol?

yes she was I think the season before or after Carrie Underwood

Where did kelly pickler place on American idol?