Will AM3+ CPU Work With AM3 Socket Cooler?

Answer yes it should as they are backwards compatible, i think... to avoid any confusion i would get the hyper 212 evo or hyper 212+ (evo is better) they are very good cpu coolers for the same sort of pri... Read More »

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Will CE Standard Body work with us standard socket?

Yes.iPhone & iPhone 3G- Bluetooth 2.0 + EDRiPhone 3GS- Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

Will an am2+ cpu work in am2 socket?

Dude, that's a really old CPU is it not?I would just suggest spending like... 400-500 on a new PC, it will be more worth your time. Or if you think you could, try and build your own machine. I just... Read More »

Will a Pentium III work in my Socket 370 Celeron motherboard?

A Socket 370 Celeron motherboard supports four types of Pentium III processors--the Coppermine Series FC-PGA and FC-PGA2, the Coppermine-T Series and the Tualatin Series FC-PGA2. A Socket 370 Celer... Read More »

Is a Pentium 4 Willamette Socket 478 compatible with a Prescott Socket 478?

The Pentium 4 Willamette was designed for use in Socket 423 (also called Socket W) motherboards; however, it is compatible with Prescott Socket 478 architecture. The Socket 478 standard was based o... Read More »