Will 5W30 Oil Hurt an Old Motor?

Answer Car engines, including old ones, require lubrication to work. Otherwise friction kicks in quickly and bad things happen to the engine parts. The question of which oil type should be used for an old... Read More »

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What Is 5W30 Motor Oil?

Motor oil is an oil that is suitable for use in a car or other vehicle's engine. Rated in cP (centipoises), the length of time the oil takes to flow through a standard opening at a set temperature,... Read More »

Motor Oil: 10W30 Vs. 5W30?

When it comes to engine oils, you have a variety from which to choose. Which one of these varieties you choose to use is dependent on several factors such as driving conditions, external environmen... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between 5W30 & 20W50 Motor Oil?

The difference between 5W-30 and 20W-50 motor oil is in their viscosity rating at different temperatures.The first number is a temperature reading, the second is the viscosity rating. Viscosity ref... Read More »

What Type of Oil Is Next After 5W30?

Automobile oil prevents engine seizure by lubricating the internal moving parts. As a consumer walks down an engine oil aisle, he is met by a full wall of different oil types, or weights. Each oil ... Read More »