Will 4 x 2GB = 8GB DDR3-1333 Gaming Grade Memory Module fit AMD FX-4100 Processor with Motherboard?

Answer All DDR3 memory works with current AMD processors. As long as the motherboard is AM3+ there will be no problem with FX-4100 and DDR3. Although some cheap motherboards have only 2 slots for the mem... Read More »

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What is a DDR3 1333 Sideport memory boost for IGP?

A DDR3 Sideport memory boost provides additional memory for the motherboard's IGP, or integrated graphics processor. The memory chip reduces the amount of system memory your computer's graphics pro... Read More »

I installed 4gb ddr3 1333. but whenever i installed additional 4gb ddr3 1333, it will hang and reboot.?

Check whether your motherboard supports additional 4 GB RAM, few mother motherboards supports only limited GB of RAM, might be your motherboard supports only 4 GB. Let me know your mother board mod... Read More »

Does a DDR2 motherboard support a DDR3 graphics card Plz help.Processor: Intel core 2 duo CPU @2.00 GHZ ?

Yes. The memory on the GPU is different from system memory.

DDR3 1333 MHz vs 1600 MHz?

1333mhz is what your CPU's FSB have set the RAM and clock at, if you add 1600mhz ram and remove the 1333mhz ram the 1600mhz will still run at 1333mhz.if you leave both in they will run at the slowe... Read More »