Will 3d tvs basically play anything in 3d?

Answer To watch in 3D you will need to have a 3D tv, 3D blu ray disc player, 3D disc movie and 3D glasses.There are not many 3D material out there for now in the market and they are more expensive than th... Read More »

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So has blu ray basically won the format war?

I don't like the idea of Blu-ray "winning" (the misleading advertizing and arrogance associated with Blu-ray turned me off relative to the relative integrity of the HD DVD campaign) but it is in th... Read More »

How to Use an iPhone Basically?

If you just get an iPhone and are not sure how to use it properly, this article is to demonstrate some very basics.

Ive basically been told not to biuld my own pc?

the system you have got is ok if you want to play games pre 2000 but will not play the games after that you best bet would be to go to a web site that sells componant parts .you need a case with a ... Read More »

Vodka is basically the same as mouthwash right?

maybe reread that ingredients labelor yeswell, I agreealcohol is brilliant for all household issuesIm always sure to give my 4 yr vodka when she has a cough too