Will 30 mgs of codien get u high?

Answer Get a life druggy!

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I'm a Junior in high school with very bad grades but high SAT scores. What colleges will take me?

I can empathize. I was also extremely lazy in high school (no ADHD though) and had terrible grades (also 2.7) but pretty high SAT scores and was able to sneak into a top 20 liberal arts college, wa... Read More »

If my computer is on for 24 hrs will the power consumtion will be high or low?

You can configure your computer to power down certain devices after a pre-determined amount of time. You can tell it to turn off the monitor after a certain amount of time. You can also configure i... Read More »

If you paint high gloss acrylic over high gloss oil on the trim will it peel off?

Answer the high gloss acrylic would bead up and not give you an even application over the oil based

If you are in ROTC in high school and if you want to join the Marine Corps will you get into a higher boot camp and will you go in with stripes?

No, you will be treated to an identical and joyous Boot Camp experience by a regular Marine Drill Instructor who will not care diddly about your cherished memories of High School ROTC. You may have... Read More »