Wild Rose Bushes?

Answer The scientific term for wild rose is "species rose," which means native or growing without assistance from man. Wild roses are probably better known for their thorns than their flowers. It is usual... Read More »

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How do I cut rose bushes?

Best TimePrune your rosebush late winter or early spring for the best results. When you are pruning a rosebush, the goal is to rejuvenate the growth for the upcoming season. Start the process by ... Read More »

How do I relocate rose bushes?

The best time to transplant rose bushes depends on where you live. If you live in a warmer climate, transplant them in the fall. If you live in a cooler area, it is always better to move them in ... Read More »

How far apart to plant rose bushes?

Roses need to be planted far enough apart to allow the air to circulate around the entire bush. Miniature roses can be planted a foot apart; large climbing roses such as Social Climber should be s... Read More »

How do I transplant old rose bushes?

Removing the Rose BushTransplanting roses should be done at the end of winter or early spring. Wear gardening gloves, long sleeves and long pants to protect yourself from the thorns. Dig a wide dia... Read More »