Wikipedia's Unflattering Pictures of People?

Answer Entrenched Wikipedians (many of whom hide behind pseudonyms) frequently show an utter disrespect for real-life people and their private property. Take, for example, the infamous theft of protected... Read More »

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Do all the Wikipedias conform to UTC?

There are definitely a few that go by different times. For example, French Wikipedia and German Wikipedia, at least, use CET (Central European Time; UTC+1 [that's one hour ahead of UTC]). This make... Read More »

What is wikipedias problem?

Wikipedia has blacked out their website for the rest of the day, censored it, if you will. It's to protest against a bill that Congress is trying to pass in the U.S. right now called the Stop Onlin... Read More »

Why exactly do people steal other people's pictures and use them as their own?

Insecure about their looks. They want attention for having a pretty picture.How did you even find that Kandice?And you're right she isn't the only one Mariya, Ryan, iSarah there are/were others.htt... Read More »

CSI Miami Episode I saw a episode that a person taking pictures of CSI People The person didn't tell police what he was working for Then Jesse got took and the next day unknown people released him?