Wikipedia redirected me to a different site Wikipedia virus?

Answer Didn't you post something like this a couple of weeks ago, mate? You're trying too hard.

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Wikipedia redirected me to a different site?

Hmm. Well it could be an external link, and you just thought it was bad, or it could be some spam, vandalism of that webpage. I'll take a look...For me to identify it, I'd like you to tell me where... Read More »

How to remove the "Redirected from" line on a Wikipedia page?

That line is there because you got there after following the link on your userpage. If you would go there directly, the line won't be there.If you type the article title directly in the search box,... Read More »

What type of services does the site wikipedia provide Yahoo India has regular feature on this site?

it is very simple, visit and find out. why wait for answers from others. u can do it yourself

Wikipedia Site?

yea its funny :)