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Answer you do, they do. I do. It is open to anyone - but get's community reviewed/approved/edited

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Wikipedia describes their response to this, which they call "vandalism" here:…"Vandalism is any addition, removal, or change of content made in a delibera... Read More »

Wikipedia question?

Since anyone can edit the information on wikipedia. I won't trust the authenticity of the information provided there, unless they are backing it up with a source link to a valid and trusted website.

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Probably not. Certainly nothing serious.Here is the worst that can happen: the owner of the article you edited (supposedly Wikipedia articles don't have "owners," but try telling that to a Wikipedi... Read More »

A question about Wikipedia?

Brittanica Encyclopedia; google it upHowever, wikipedia is a place of public knowledge; anyone can go in and edit anything. This can lead to either useful on the fly research, and relatively inaccu... Read More »