Wikipedia on iPod touch?

Answer If you scroll down to the bottom of the page there is a grey box with an "Enable images on mobile site" link. Tap that link to enjoy Elijah Wood in all his pictorial glory.

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How to fix iPod Touch Wikipedia?

This is not something that you can fix ( I think) Wikipedia Just changed interface it is like this for me too I don't think it had to do with you clearing the cookies and cache. If you want you ca... Read More »

Wikipedia doesn't work on iPod touch?

Try accessing the Mobile version at , or download the official app at… . If it still does not work, please notify https://... Read More »

Is their going to be an ipod touch 3g, if so what will make it different from the ipod touch 2g?

it will have a 1.5 --- 3 mega pixel camera with possible videobetter batteryfaster processor with larger ramit will not have a 8gb version instead a 16gb 32gb and maybe but i do doubt a 64gbpossibl... Read More »

Does apple ipod touch 4g will be available after releasing of ipod touch 5g ?

The iPod Touch 5G is not a certainty yet. We do know, however, that Apple are holding a live announcement of the iPhone 5 on September 12th. It is also widely accumulated that they are going to ann... Read More »