Wikipedia negative bases (negaternary to be exact)?

Answer The remainder Wikipedia uses is correct. For calculating the negaternary number, you need the remainder to be positive, since there's no such thing as an inherently negative digit: -5 / -3 = 1 rema... Read More »

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Where can I get more and exact details other than wikipedia about hindu gods?

Geeta.. Its a holy book for hindus.. Like bible for christans and kuran for muslims..

Which Wikipedia policy is most often applied to achieve the exact opposite of its stated purpose?

I'd say you've already hit on it: WP:CIVIL. There's also WP:NPA, but CIVIL seems to be more useful.

Why are army bases and air force bases so important in Alaska?

As with a majority of the areas that military bases are located, the bases are a huge contributor to the local economy. Between the members of the military who live off base who pay rent and shop a... Read More »

Which scanner can scan negative films so that i can convert negative of photos into digital version?

These types of scanner are called "film scanners" and you can find a list of them here:…If you don't want to shell out that amount of money for a specialt... Read More »