Wikipedia is the greatest thing since the wheel..." —?

Answer I feel since the wheel the greatest thing is - INTERNET... hadn't that existed... serch engines and wikipedias would not stand a chance... do you know the next ???... its called - QUANTUM COMPUTING... Read More »

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Since everyone knows that the Cure is the greatest band of all time, who do you think is the second greatest?

the Cure of course - they're so good they take up two spots

Who thinks EBAY is the greatest invention since sliced bread?

MMEEEEEEEEEEEE !ive sold and bought lots of stuff from useful and genious idea, because i always have things i dont need, well they were things that i needed but not anymore, and ebay gives... Read More »

Since wikipedia is so discredited now...?

Yep, that's an appalling accuracy record. Never did take any notice of it anyway. Almost as bad as the Daily Mail.

What is the best thing since instant noodles?