Wikipedia is the best?

Answer Yes.

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Is 'Wikipedia' the best or one of the best sites on the net for information about any topic ?

A site devoted to information about Pagemaker or Corel Draw is going to have more information than Wikipedia. Wikipedia will have something, but on any specialized subject it is unlikely to be the ... Read More »

Is wikipedia is the best website for finding answer(for you)..?

It depends on what kind of question I'm answering. because if I'm answering a question that's opinionated (like this way) i will of course just say what i think. but if I'm desperate for points and... Read More »

Which is the best for information, or

wikipedia...i use it for projects, learning, or to look up new music/albums when u type in a band/rapper/singer's name.

Ten points for the best Wikipedia creation myth?

One day, a little gnome named Dingledorf Haselpon von Smith was walking along the forest, minding his own buisness, when he spotted a computer. "How odd!" He wondered aloud. "A computer in the midd... Read More »