Wikipedia is not a source. i need a website with some expirements and data.?

Answer Unfortunately, there have been few methodical studies of Wikipedia with an eye toward gauging its reliability as a source. You can find a discussion of one such study at the first link below.There... Read More »

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What are all I need to have to build a website similar to wikipedia Some one give me full info..?

Hi Arpita, first you have to buy a website & domain name. Rest depends upon your intelligence & creativity. The domain providers provide excellent technical help in case you need it. I represent a ... Read More »

Is Wikipedia considered an unreliable website source in general (if so, why)?

For general purposes, it is a pretty handy and reliable place to go for your information. For academic purpose, not so much. The main reason for its unreliability is the fact that almost anyone can... Read More »

I need to wikipedia a reliable source....?

Why don't teachers trust it?Because Wikipedia can be edited by everyone and anyone, False information can be added.You should always double check with another site, Or use books instead.

What are some pros and cons of using Wikipedia as a valig source?

The major con is that the information on Wikipedia simply may not be accurate. It is a peer reviewed website,which means that people can go and put up what what they know, think they know, or want ... Read More »