Wikipedia in academic research?

Answer Its only role is when studying popular misconceptions. Any information obtained from Wikipedia must be regarded as suspect and treated like a handkerchief coughed on by a leper. Looks harmless enou... Read More »

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Why wikipedia is not approriate to use in academic research?

Because its authors feel no responsibility to its readers whatsoever at all. If you spot a mistake in the New England Journal of Medicine, you know exactly who to hold accountable: the authors of t... Read More »

How to Conduct Academic Research?

On-line ResearchStudents and professionals both know that conducting accurate, valid, and timely research into academic topics such as history, literature, or anthropology is critical to success in... Read More »

How to Develop an Academic Research Questionnaire?

Developing you academic research questionnaire need not be difficult, but it requires a few steps to ensure that it gives you best and easiest way to determine results. There are many different way... Read More »

How to Write a Research Proposal for Academic Writing?

Writing a research proposal for academic writing can be challenging. However, it is an important step in helping you to know exactly what you plan to research and the subject's relevance. A good pr... Read More »