Wikipedia icon changed to Reddit's?

Answer (Ignore Sir Caustic's answer, he often trolls the Wikipedia answers section). The only way a non-developer could change the logo is by changing… And the p... Read More »

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Has anyone successfully changed an iPhone 4S app icon without jailbreaking?

i predict that the iPhone 5 will come out around march/april 2012 just a prediction based on fact but no real evidence

Lo i changed wikipedia did anyone notice?

Accidentally changed my Wikipedia font size?

As in, the font that you're reading? If it's on that page, try ctrl + or ctrl -, depending on if you're trying to make the font bigger or smaller.

Will I get in trouble if I change something on wikipedia but I changed it back?

I understand that Wikipedia has their own police & enforcement squad. ~But maybe they will be lenient because you changed it back.