Wikipedia icon changed to Reddit's?

Answer (Ignore Sir Caustic's answer, he often trolls the Wikipedia answers section). The only way a non-developer could change the logo is by changing… And the p... Read More »

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Has anyone successfully changed an iPhone 4S app icon without jailbreaking?

i predict that the iPhone 5 will come out around march/april 2012 just a prediction based on fact but no real evidence

Lo i changed wikipedia did anyone notice?

How can you tell what changed from one revision of a wikipedia article to the next?

The page highlights things that were changed. In the page you linked, for example, you see some orange highlighting on the left and some blue highlighting on the right; everything highlighted chang... Read More »

Even though Wikipedia can be changed by a normal Joe Shmoe, do you still use it?

despite what people say about it, i find wikipedia to be a better source than most other websites.for one, there are loads of extremely dedicated people who make sure that the articles are factual ... Read More »