Wikipedia: ever noticed that nearly every article uses the word Portmanteau?

Answer No, but a friend of mine pointed it out to me. Can't remember why he was looking up bromances, camcorders, gaydars, mockumentaries, motels, sexperts, Spanglish, skyjackings, and a combination of "w... Read More »

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Survey: Have you ever edited an article or created an article in Wikipedia?

Can you get to every Wikipedia article by just clicking on the blue links?

No, not unless you count the "Random article" link in the sidebar.Many pages with few or no links from other pages have the "Orphan" template applied to them, and you can see those pages (the ones ... Read More »

Best deep conditioner for hair that is straightened nearly every day?

Kerastase nutritive its by L'Oréal Paris I think you can find it in boots its really good you leave it in for 2-3 mins (I sometimes leave it in for more) and it makes my hair really soft (after a ... Read More »

What is the longest wikipedia article ever?

Longest:…2nd:…3rd:…4th:…5... Read More »