Wikipedia editors - who are they Bunch of saddos?

Answer Wikipedians are probably not much different from Answerians. Some are as addicted as Answeraholics are, but most only contribute very infrequently if at all. And, no they do not get paid by Wikipedia.

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What is a Saddos Re: a question regarding the content of Wikipedia.?

I googled "saddos" for you and found out it means: a sad pathetic person, and that was apparently recently coined by the BBC in reference to FB fans.As far as the connection to Wikipedia - I am no... Read More »

Help with a bunch of editors?

You could buy some admin accounts and then force action against those idiot editors. Or you could carefully tailor your additions to obey Wikipedia's many different contradictory policies. Or you c... Read More »

What do you think about Wikipedia editors?

Wikipedia editors as a whole are usually good workers and are happy to help you, however, there is a decent number of editors who won't because they are either too self-absorbed in themselves, or t... Read More »

Do you think Wikipedia editors over politicize everything?

This is certainly an interesting question!On the one hand, as an experienced editor, I instinctively say no. The reason that people quote those pages over and over again are because those pages are... Read More »