Wikipedia, copyright?

Answer wikipedia doesnt put that stuff on publicly, so its fine. on many oprojects i've done my teachers and actual professors told me taht it would be fine without wiki. copyright date

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If I upload a picture I took on wikipedia is it copyright?

Any photograph you take is copyrighted and you "officially" own it. But if you upload it to Wikipedia, you have to give permission for other people to use it. That's what makes Wikipedia the "free ... Read More »

Who owns the copyright of the material on wikipedia?

Each and every person who contributes to Wikipedia has a stake in the copyright for those articles which they have edited.This is because when one edits an article, one does retain copyright over t... Read More »

Are wikipedia articles copyright protected?

Yes, like all creative works of authorship, they are copyrighted jointly by the contributors. However, as part of the agreement, the contributors have given the world a free and perpetual license u... Read More »

How do you fill in copyright information for photos on wikipedia ?

See my answer here:;… .