Wikipedia becoming more biased than it used to be?

Answer As I have read both the Freemason and Bilderberg Group and found them to be generally accurate, I agree with Stephen that your coming to the Wiki with a pre-existing bias.As for the Recession info,... Read More »

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What are some biased wikipedia articles?…………

How do you "flag" a wikipedia article as being extremely biased?

Use {{POV}} at the top of the page's source. Then go to the discussion page, and tell them what you just said, explaining why you think the article is not neutral.

Why is Wikipedia so useless and biased for controversial subject?

I'm convinced that the lizard-people who secretly control Wikipedia have "got it in" for those of us who think that Wikipedia is useless and biased for controversial subject, Woofs. Damn.Oh - and w... Read More »

Why do people even bother to vandalize Wikipedia or post biased information on it?

Because they get a rise out of changing/vandalizing something that other people will see, which creates a reaction. The major articles will have vanadalism removed within minutes, but smaller artic... Read More »