Wikipedia and jail....please help?

Answer I believe it is a life sentence for stupidity since it is impossible to be arrested for "editing Wikipedia." It is obvious to everyone that you are either very stupid for thinking you were arreste... Read More »

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Is there a wikipedia macro for "This page is stupid. You can help wikipedia by deleting it."?

Yahoo should have such an option; it would be better than all of their continuous "oops" messages, lol.

Help .. To edit in Wikipedia ,I have to make a new account every day in Wikipedia to edit . Log in problem ..?

Sounds like you are not saving the cookie sent each time you sign up. Make sure you accept the cookie and that cookies aren't deleted every time you shut down the computer.

Wikipedia help?

Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales (born August 7, 1966 in Huntsville, Alabama) is an American Internet entrepreneur known for his role in founding Wikipedia and other wiki-related projects, including the c... Read More »

Wikipedia Help!?

If you were caught vandalizing Wikipedia, they can block your IP address, which is your fingerprint on the Internet. Sometimes it's only a temporary ban, however you can get a more serious ban depe... Read More »