Wikipedia and IP Address?

Answer For most connections, IPs can change around over time, and may be shared across multiple users.So Wikipedia's claims about pages changed from your IP address are accurate, but they don't refer to y... Read More »

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Why is my IP address blocked on Wikipedia?

A look at Thatcher's block log suggests that he blocks proxies (including those of Tor) and compromised addresses. Hmm. Seems like you're editing on a highly-dynamic IP.Although Wikipedia encourage... Read More »

What is the address of the wikipedia headquarters?…first line, you'll find it

With wikipedia, how do I set a website address as a reference?

suppose you wanna add "" link as reference thensimply add- [ abc-link] wherever you wanna add linkit will appear as a clickable link hope it helps :)

When did Wikipedia start putting en on the front of their web address?

This is a good question, and it is not surprising to me that (thus far) you have received incorrect answers about it.Wikipedia started as "" in January 2001. This is supported by ... Read More »