Wikipedia, a reliable source. Do you agree?

Answer Wikipedia is somewhat reliable but not all. Contrary to popular belief, all changes are controlled by a few Wikipedia insiders. (Please see MY open question about Wikipedia.)Once someone makes an... Read More »

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Wikipedia is a monopoly source. Who agree with me?

I totally Agree with you. I sometimes do not bother going on Wikipedia because I know of this. Wikipedia is not the most accurate website out there. It just has a monopoly on information which i fi... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a credible and reliable source ?

Yes and No. It is a reliable source because there is a lot of great information on the website for some topics. On the other hand the information is submitted by regular people and some times peopl... Read More »

Do you think wikipedia is reliable source?

i think ts pretty reliable. The have discussion pages as to what should be included in the articles and every edit is recorded so it usually doesnt end up being really bad. p.s. one day i was bore... Read More »

How reliable is Wikipedia as a source of info?

i find the entire Wiki series to be very reliable.