Wikipedia Unreliable?

Answer Well some do believe it is unreliable ...but it is good to gain knowledge from Wikipedia .so that you can search about the topic you need in detail on other sites whose references will be acceptedR... Read More »

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Is Wikipedia unreliable?

It all depends on what you're looking for. The reliability of an article on Wikipedia is inversely proportional to its relevance or usefulness in the real world.For example, "Physics of the Dragon... Read More »

Why is wikipedia said to be so unreliable?

Because it is in fact quite unreliable. Even within a single article you will encounter mixtures of truths, half-truths, oversimplifications and outright lies, and there is no help whatsoever to he... Read More »

Wikipedia TOTALLY unreliable!?

Wikipedia is NOT totally unreliable. In fact, there's tons of good information there. However, the biggest problem with Wikipedia is that virtually anyone can edit it and re-edit it. There have ... Read More »

Why do teachers say wikipedia is unreliable?

Because other people can edit and add details, which, in my opinion, gets rid of corporate/goverment bias, making it MORE reliable. everything I've seen on wikipedia so far has been 100% true and r... Read More »