Wikipedia Seriously?

Answer they didn't let us use it as a source at my school but i totally use it when ever i dont have to site b/c its so easy. its close enough to the truth for me

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Can u seriously edit wikipedia?

don't do that. it's because of people like you that wikipedia cannot be used as a legit source...and no, admins are notified when pages are changed and they check out the differences. they'll del... Read More »

Who actually takes wikipedia seriously?

I'm not surprised you get angry emails, Wikipedia is meant to be as factful as it can be. I use it to look up things which interest me, and also to help me understand things I do in school.

Seriously, wtf Wikipedia doesn't know crap!?

i always understood pop to mean 'popular' and green day is 'pop' to that extent. They are also punk. Their message is punk , their music is punk, they just happen to be popular.

Why is Wikipedia taken seriously as a source of information?

It is all about sources:… - "Even if you're sure something is true, it must be verifiable before you can add it".What really matters is how you pick up th... Read More »