Wikipedia Profile Creation?

Answer Creating a new page on Wikipedia is actually surprisingly simple. All you have to do, is go to the page that you want to create, if it has not already been created Wikipedia will offer you a link t... Read More »

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Ten points for the best Wikipedia creation myth?

One day, a little gnome named Dingledorf Haselpon von Smith was walking along the forest, minding his own buisness, when he spotted a computer. "How odd!" He wondered aloud. "A computer in the midd... Read More »

How can i find the date of creation of one article residing on Wikipedia?

Each article has a View History link at the top. Click that and the first entry will show the date it was created. If the article has been edited a lot there may be several pages of History before ... Read More »

How to add personal profile to wikipedia?

Well, if you mean article, then you can't unless you do something Notable.Then someone else would have to write about you because people cannot edit articles about themselves no mattar how notable ... Read More »

How can i build my Biography profile in Wikipedia?

Please let someone else do it for you. Doing it yourself would lead into the quality of the article being questioned as an autobiography. If it is poorly sourced and highly-promotional in the way i... Read More »