Wikipedia- Factual! What do you think?

Answer Wikipedia can be edited by visitors, including you and me, without registering (except for a few protected pages). Not all contributors are experts, thus they may introduce factual errors. Due to t... Read More »

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How factual is Wikipedia?

Statistical studies of Wikipedia show that it is generally accurate; it's not 100% fool-proof but for any given statement taken from Wikipedia, it's very likely to be correct. However, articles tha... Read More »

I think Wikipedia shouldn't be edited by everyone. I think Wikipedia should tell only the truth about things?

The thing that makes Wikipedia stand out is the fact that any person can edit the information on there. There are already enough online encyclopedias and dictionaries out there edited by profession... Read More »

What do you think of wikipedia?

It is an amazing free encyclopedia that is considered one of the best things to invest time in, to have great knowledge which is accurate and trustable 99%. In case you need a critical piece of inf... Read More »

What do you think about

The magazine "Nature" did a study in December 2005 comparing Wikipedia's accuracy to Encyclopedia Britannica, and found them nearly equally accurate on science articles. About five months afterwar... Read More »