Wikipedia Ethics--Is it ethical to alter content regarding ones self?

Answer Nothing on Wikipedia should be added without a source. Wikipedia clearly allows no original research, including you being yourself, therefore knowing certain things.Unless any information has been ... Read More »

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What is a Saddos Re: a question regarding the content of Wikipedia.?

I googled "saddos" for you and found out it means: a sad pathetic person, and that was apparently recently coined by the BBC in reference to FB fans.As far as the connection to Wikipedia - I am no... Read More »

In wikipedia regarding rajasthani people regarding rajputs which areas do caucasus and central asia stand for?

Engineering Ethics & Ethical Dilemma?

Like all professionals, engineers may encounter situations in which they must make judgment calls on ethical dilemmas. Most often, ethical dilemmas involve a conflict in fundamental principles of ... Read More »

Ethical Issues Regarding Plagiarism?

Plagiarism can refer to several types of actions, including not crediting a source for information used in an essay or presentation or using someone else's ideas as your own. Colleges classify plag... Read More »