Wikipedia Early balloons made of animal bladder?

Answer Sure. My link has an old painting of a kid blowing up a bladder.

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How are balloons made?

Balloons are an essential piece of any party, but where do they come from? They are made from latex, a type of rubber, but the process from sap to shipment is quite involved and interesting.Geograp... Read More »

What are weather balloons made of?

Weather balloons are made from a variety of materials. Rubber weather balloons are designed to expand and burst after data is collected. Polyethylene plastic balloons are made for high-altitude dat... Read More »

What are children's balloons made of?

Children often play with themed helium balloons and rubber balloons. Themed helium balloons are made of polyester film laminated to aluminum foil, according to Sorbent Systems. Rubber blow-up ballo... Read More »

What are latex balloons made of?

Latex balloons are made from latex. Latex is a liquid rubber that comes from either natural sources or is man-made. Natural latex is used to create balloons. Natural latex is sap from the rubber tr... Read More »