Wikipedia: Do you deliberately add false information?

Answer I used to, but then I figured out that they keep your I.P. Address. So good luck with that one!

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Is it against the law for a POA Secretary Treasurer to deliberately provide false information in an annual POA Financial Statement?

Your question is more probably which law has been broken. Read your governing documents to determine the legal status of your association: non-profit corporation or other. Then, under the laws of ... Read More »

Is some of the information on Wikipedia false?

Yes, but not as much as people think. Here's a study that shows that the number of errors per article on Wikipedia is about the same as Encyclopedia Britannica. Read More »

Can you sue Wikipedia for false information?

If you "threaten" to sue Wikipedia on Wikipedia itself, the first thing that will happen is that you'll be banned from Wikipedia under their ever-so-handy "No Legal Threats policy." If you then sen... Read More »

If Wikipedia has false information...?

Your last resort is to look for one within the Internet, obviously through a search engine like Google.