Wikipedia - a trustworthy source of knowledge?

Answer I wouldn't consider Wikipedia to be a trustworthy source of information. Interesting yes but accurate, somewhat.

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Is Wikipedia a trustworthy source ?

While the academic world continues the ongoing debate on whether Wikipedia is a reliable reference tool, the History Department at Middlebury College made a decision this past January to ban studen... Read More »

Is Wikipedia trustworthy?

Yes, even though there is alot of vandalism, Wikipedia members are so obsessed with editing articles that vandalisms are fixed within 10 minutes.

How trustworthy is Wikipedia?

It is very trustworthy. Anyone can edit it/delete information/change information yes. But if someone changes information and makes it wrong then it will show up on the recent changes list. People a... Read More »

How is Wikipedia Trustworthy Why or Why not?

It's not trustworthy, and that's not just because there are people out there putting in false information, such as implicating journalists in presidential assassinations and claiming such and such ... Read More »