Wikimedia commons to wikipedia?

Answer On Wikimedia Commons, (and mirrored on Wikipedia) the photo will have a page, titled something like "File:Example.png", where "Example.png" is the name of the file. First, find that page.Second, ad... Read More »

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How to Upload Files to Wikimedia Commons?

If you have images and files that you want to share with others, Wikimedia Commons is one way of doing it.

How to Categorize a File in Wikimedia Commons?

If you are contributing to Wikimedia Commons, then you probably have heard about categorizing your files. It isn't too hard, but you need to have some familiarity with how they do it or where to lo... Read More »

What is the Wikimedia Commons licensing tag for images taken off from Photobucket PD?

First, images to Photobucket aren't released into the public domain. The terms of use specify that the user grants both Photobucket and the public (separately) free licenses to do whatever they wan... Read More »

Is User:Fae lying about his plagiarism on Wikimedia Commons?

No. He's not lying. I believe his side of the story absolutely. And you can blindfold me, pull my trousers down and hang me from a rope if I tell a word of a lie, etc.