Wig Making Techniques?

Answer There are many methods for making wigs, and they depend largely on what the wig will be used for. Wigs worn for daily use are made differently than theatrical wigs, and usually are more durable and... Read More »

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Lace Wig Making Techniques?

Lace wigs have been made for centuries and are still used today. Movies, TV shows and plays often prefer to use hand-made wigs in costume design due to the wig's more natural look. Natural hair i... Read More »

Rose Wine Making Techniques?

Some consider rose wine to be a blend of red and white wines. In fact, the color of rose or any wine is not determined by the color of the grape juice, which is colorless, but the grape skin. The l... Read More »

Techniques for Primitive Doll Making?

The charm of primitive dolls is in the simplicity of their look, a kind of earthy handmade appeal. Whether the dolls are made of wood, fabric, clay, leather or any other material, their lines and f... Read More »

Ancient Beer Making Techniques?

People have been brewing since the first nomads settled down and began harvesting grains. Thus, civilization and beer began at roughly the same time. Ancient brews were thick, relatively tasteless ... Read More »