Wifi stealing?

Answer MAC FILTERINGit's stealing proof.

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How can you tell if someone is stealing using your wifi signal?

this is normally how i do iti go to when it comes up and says what my ip is i copy it. open a new taband then paste my ip into the url and hit enter (or click go)then ... Read More »

I think my friend's neighbors are stealing his wifi...?

just set a wpa key password Wpa stands for wireless protection do this open up internet and type in ur routers ip address. if you don't know it you can find out doing this. click start-> ... Read More »

Thieving neighbor stealing WiFi. How do I stop her!!!?

J B is on the right track.She's telling you to get a piece of information from her network card in her computer, it doesn't matter if she's running MAC or Windows or Linux, they all have a mac addr... Read More »

How do you feel about stealing WiFi access from neighbors with unsecured networks?

Ok, here's the deal. Using (stealing) a neighbors WIFI signal is illegal. It is called theft of service. In essence, you are using the ISP's signal for free and they really frown on it. Here is... Read More »