Wifi connection question....?

Answer What you're using is probably just a WiFi network that owners forgot (or didn't know how) to password protect. This is very unsafe. You're essentially leaving an open door to your computer. If the ... Read More »

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Mac Wifi Connection Issues Question?

It means either the password you entered is incorrect or the router has MAC filtering.If you don't believe either of these can be possible, test at a book shop, coffee shop, Safeway or non-school n... Read More »

How do i configure my laptop for a wifi connection in a wifi hotspot?

no you wont be needing any software to connect to wifi hotspot if you are using windows on your computer just click on start on the left hand bottom corner and click on connect to (if you are using... Read More »

How far does a wireless wifi expander make the wifi connection?

60 to 80 feet is not that far for WiFi assuming you don't have obstructions (concrete wall, metal wall, etc). I'm assuming you've tried and it is not working. Perhaps the issue is not one of dist... Read More »

My defective Wifi Card I have a latop that have defective wifi. How can I have wifi connection even if I don’t?

Yes, you can now have wi-fi connection again even if you don’t need to open your laptop and replace your wi-fi card. There are now portable wi-fi that you can insert through USB to replace your d... Read More »