Wich one is better for gaming?

Answer The 2nd one is alot better.-Higher resolution screen-Comes with SSD and a 7200rpm HDDThey both have the exact same cpu, ram, and graphics card. They both have bluray players.And as for maxing out g... Read More »

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Wich gaming mouse is better?

the G500 is my suggestion cause its a very nice mouse for gaming in general :D

The pea coat or pea jacket is usally assocaited with one branch of the millatary service wich branch is that wich one is it Army Marines or Navy?

What do you think of BIOSTAR A780L3B for gaming I need a computer just to get me over for gaming. Details bel?

Gaming Versus: Desktop Vs. Laptop gaming?

I actually had a questions about this myself. (I wasn't so nice about it). Graphics for Laptops are built onto the motherboard. You buy the laptop with the graphics built in to it. This is fine... Read More »